Dear All-Starz Staff,

Our daughter was a student at your dance studio back in 2009-2010. We moved out of the area after retiring from the military and we wanted to provide you some feedback on how you are doing. 

We initially moved to Southern Maryland and tried to find a dance studio that would offer the same type of classes that you all provide but were not successful.  After deciding to purchase our home in PA, we began our search once again. After an exhaustive search, we managed to find a local studio that we could get her into. While not providing the same classes, it was a start. 

We just finished with the year of classes and the recital and trust me when I tell you that you all are doing it right.  We have learned that there are very talented dancers out there but it takes a special person to know how to relay that to students (to include little ones).  More importantly, it takes that extra special group of people who can convey love of dance and make the whole process enjoyable.

Our daughter was only 4 years old when we left Florida. She doesn’t remember too much about living there but she does remember dancing and Miss Lauren.

We want to thank you for running a classy, professional, fun, inclusive and caring studio.  We knew how great you all were when we were there and now by comparison… even more so.

~ A Dance Parent

My daughter just entered her fifth season of dance and we absolutely love it. One of the teachers, Ms. Lauren, has been her teacher for various classes off and on over the years. An elementary school teacher and former Roar Cheerleader (NFL Jags), she knows how to dance and she knows how to teach. Nothing like the crazy lady on Lifetime’s Dance Moms! She gives positive feedback and reinforcement. Ms. Lauren is a wonderful role model for my daughter and the other dancers and I feel so lucky my daughter has her in her life as that role model.

This studio isn’t a “gotta-win-them-all” for competitions – they aren’t hardcore with the practice schedule;  that’s not their goal. Personal opinion is that they focus on the dancers – their passion and love for the art of dance and encourage their dancers to express that. However, All Starz DOES do well at competitions and there are some phenomenal dancers. My daughter’s Competition Team last year (6-8yr olds; “Divas”) place high at a National Competition.

If nothing else, All Starz has taught my daughter to work with others, her role on a team, discipline, and a love for the arts. I truly saw a lot of personal development in her as a person and in her character when she joined the competition team.  I’ll be the first to admit she’s not a natural born talent and she’s not the best on the team, but dance is her love and passion and All Starz supports her and encourages her.  And as a mom, it’s a heart-warming feeling to see your child do what they love and know that they are being supported by such a wonderful Studio.

~A Yelp Review

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